BPD Identity & Empathy

Today my topic of ponder is on Borderline Personality Disorder, and how identity issues and empathy may mimic (or is the word contradict?) each other within this disorder. It is a popular symptom of BPD to feel as though one does not have a personal identity. We may definitely feel empty on the inside, and […]


“Change is one of the most difficult things that we face, but change is inevitable.One reason we don’t like change, is we get comfortable where we are. We get used to our friends, our job, the place we live, and even if it’s not perfect we accept it, because it’s familiar.And what happens is, because […]

Radical Forgiveness

Today I would like to introduce the term Radical Forgiveness. I will start with a ‘cosmic lesson’, that will hopefully help in the understanding of this beneficial spiritually forgiving practice. We are up above, in a timeless space, filled with colours invisible to this planet. To make these words more imaginable, let’s see our souls […]

The Wise One: Automatic Writing 2

Automatic writing on the topic of occasional fear of intimacy. Dear loved one of the night, it is you i see, in me, and in you. I cherish your dear heart my child. If only you knew. If only you could see the love and aliveness i see beating through your bones. You ask me […]

The Wise One: Automatic Writing 1

The Wise One will become a series of automatic writings found in the pages of my personal spiritual journal. Who is the wise one? I’m not yet sure, possibly my own subconscious, my higher self, a spirit guide? Ive got some things to say. In case you were wondering, you don’t know it all. And […]

I Am.

I am a woman, young in her years but old in her soul. I am a mother, a partner, a daughter and a beautiful disaster. I am a human, yet I won’t allow myself to be a sheep in the flock of crowded spaces, just another meaningless blur within the pace of the races, so […]